• Do I need a travel companion on my medical trip?

A: It is highly advised to have a companion during your medical trip. But if you are traveling on your own, there will be someone to guide you during your stay. Our medical travel managers are readily available on-call if you have any questions, or you need assistance with anything. They will also be monitoring your case from arrival to departure, as well as accompany you during consultations and visit you in the hospital during post-treatments.

In the hospital grounds, we have highly trained hospital staffs to assist you at all times.

  • What currency should I bring?

A: The currency in the Philippines is Philippine Peso. if you bring currencies other than this, we have foreign exchange counters available almost everywhere. (Just remember that banks and some establishments are close during Saturdays and Sundays). We also have a foreign exchange counter inside the airport upon your arrival. Visa and Mastercard are acceptable cards in the Philippines.

  • Is it safe to travel in the Philippines?

A: Absolutely YES! It is the common misconception about the country when it comes to security, but the Philippines has been a place of travel and retirement for foreign nationals for years. People from around the world can be seen walking the streets like locals.

  • Where can I dine throughout my trip?

A: Food establishment of different variety and value are scattered everywhere for you to enjoy.

  • Where can I go for leisure activities?

A: We have a lot of leisure attractions in Metro Manila alone. From museums, shopping centers, and historical landmarks you will sure find a place to your liking. If you wanted to go to the beach, we also have beaches within a few hours away from Metro Manila where you can enjoy a day trip or an overnight stay.