OCEANA HEALTH TRAVEL is a medical travel facilitator owned by Oceana Medical Services that offers holistic medical travel assistance both online and onsite.

With its flagship located in the Philippines, the company’s main objective is to provide a bridge for a more cost-effective yet high-quality medical treatment and facility. Guided by its core values, the company aims to deliver its promise to help improve one’s health.

Our Core Values:





Our VISION is to be an internationally recognized medical and wellness travel facilitator by the year 2021.

Our MISSION is to provide unparalleled medical and wellness travel assistance to our global patients. We aim to provide our patients with better and affordable healthcare options while abiding with the company’s philosophy that access to a better health is a right and not a privilege.


Oceana Health Travel removes the nuisance in finding, booking medical treatments and planning the trip overseas especially for someone who is a first-time traveler. We all understand the feeling of being in a foreign environment, and we are here to help you feel more welcome and comfortable during your trip.

Our company only select the best of the best, the cream of the crop, for our beloved patients. We only want what’s best, and we aim to help everyone achieve their optimal health capacity.