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Medical Travel Packages, Wellness Packages, Tour Packages, so many offerings from different medical travel companies. But would you better off doing it all on your own instead?

Being a DIY connoisseur myself, I love arranging my own travels. The joy of satisfaction after successfully booking each one of them weirdly makes me feel satisfied all the time―from contacting hotels, checking airline ticket prices, to researching leisure activities once I get there. But not everyone is like me. Some people like to hire a third party to do all the gritty work for them.

And as a founder of a medical travel company, I’ve decided to come up with an insightful comparison between a Do-It-Yourself Medical Travel versus a Medical Travel Package like the one my company offers for this post. I would only try to state what I have observed in the Philippine medical travel industry.

Let’s start with what Wellness Travel Packages offered out there in the market. I am going to use an example from the Wellness Travel Package my company offers to avoid any copyright and trademark issues. And I will try my best to cover all bases as I could.

This is a sample of my company Oceana Health Travel’s Wellness Package:

ECU Package - US Dollar

Typically, medical travel packages included an end to end medical travel assistance, meaning from arrival until departure and in between they will assist you.

Now let’s compare:

Article Comparison Figure

Article Comparison Figure2

In my opinion, to conclude this post, in the end, it still depends on the person whether he/she choose to do everything by himself or hire someone else to do it for him. It is a matter of convenience and of resources. If you have enough time in your hands has no problem scheduling and researching everything, or want to forgo an additional expense and save that money instead, you could arrange everything yourself. But if you have enough to spare then I suggest hiring someone to lessen the hassle. You don’t want to add into account the additional workload when you should be focusing on getting better instead.

How about you, which one do you prefer?

Interested in our wellness travel package? Or do you want to ask about a different medical condition? Contact us at oceanahealthtraveler@gmail.com or use either our quote form or contact form.

Stay tuned for more blog post about health, medical, and medical travel. We post twice a week now. To be the first to know, follow us via email or WordPress account.

See you until the next post!


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