We all know that drinking 8-10 glasses of water is good for the body. But do you know that cold water is much more than that?

Here are FOUR benefits of cold water:

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  1. Drinking Cold Water Burns Fat

According to a German study conducted in 2003, the 14 research participants managed to increase their metabolism by 30% within an hour by drinking 500mL of cold water. The result is due to thermogenesis, or the body’s process of creating heat without shivering. But this is exclusively only for the Brown Adipose Tissue (Brown Fat), as evidenced by a study conducted in 2012.

It is also concluded that drinking 2L per day of cold water (approximately 8 glasses of water) would result in energy expenditure of 400kJ.


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2. Cold Water Reduces Stress

A study conducted in Seoul, South Korea last 2015 resulted in a control group of participants placed under fatigue and stress to have a relative reduction in stress response after cold-water immersion. This is because cold water contracts the expanded blood vessel, thus stabilizing blood circulation and oxygen supply to muscles, and disassembling lactic acid released after experiencing stress and fatigue. The study also suggested that immersing in cold water relieves excitation response of the Central Nervous System and stabilized the Autonomic Nervous System.


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3. Cold Water Improves Immune System

It was said that taking cold showers have been beneficial way back then. It was also said that taking daily cold showers increased the numbers of disease-fighting white blood cells. It was stated that as the body tries to regulate the temperature during a cold shower, the metabolic rate speeds up thus, activating the immune system.[1]


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4. Cold Water Relieves your Muscles

As with the previous discussion above, cold water helps contracts expanded blood vessels, stabilizes the blood circulation and oxygen supply to muscles, and resulting in the breakdown of lactic acid. Lactic acid is the byproduct when the carbohydrates are broken down for energy due to a low oxygen supply. Lactic acid built up in your muscles after a strenuous activity can cause muscle fatigue and soreness.

[1] https://www.drweil.com/health-wellness/body-mind-spirit/hair-skin-nails/are-cold-showers-good-for-you/

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