As I’ve discussed in my previous blog entries, medical tourism shouldn’t be left out of your options when it comes to searching for medical requirements. And what country should be on your list? The Philippines, of course. Why is that, you ask?

We all know that medical tourism/wellness tourism is an act of traveling overseas for medical purposes. But nowadays, medical travelers are seeking not only high-quality medical care but a nice vacation spot as well. That’s why you should have your medical travel in the Philippines!

Here are the top five reasons why the Philippines is the ideal country for your medical travel:

  1. The Scenery

The primary beauty of medical traveling is the fact that you could include a vacation along with your treatment. It is not just about keeping your physical body healthy or treated, but also maintaining your mental and emotional health.

The Philippines is filled with beaches, mountains, hilltops, lakes―name it, the country has it. And if you’re looking for a short distance trip or a day tour away from the bustle of the city and the stress the procedures are giving you, you can even find a 3-hour trip white beach outside the metro.

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2. The Healthcare Facilities

Did you know that one of the hospitals in the Philippines (St. Luke’s Medical Center in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig) was featured on a website and included it in its 25 Most Beautiful Hospitals in the World[1] in 2012? And in 2014, it was included in the list of the 20 Best Hospitals Worldwide[2] by a think tank in Netherlands.


The country has 5 JCI-accredited hospital, in which one of these JCI-accredited hospitals is also a part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, so you know that they adhere to the same standards as those in the same network. They also have robotic surgery and just celebrated their 500th patient recently[3].


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  3. The People

Your doctor, the nurses, your hotel concierge, your medical travel manager, even the people you pass by while browsing through the malls. All of them will greet you with a smile. You can even make friends while waiting in the line of the cashier. As a country known for its hospitality, you will feel the warmth and welcoming ambiance from everyone.


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4. The Cost of Living

1 US dollar is around 47 – 50 Philippine peso. A combo meal at McDonalds in the US will cost you around $7 while in the Philippines it is only around PHP 2.60 – PHP 3. A dozen of egg in the US is around $2.60 while in the Philippines it is only around PHP 1.48.[4] No matter where you look at it, the margin of difference between the living costs of these two countries is huge. Setting aside the cost of your healthcare, which is relatively cheaper by 30 – 80%, medical travel in the Philippines will surely fit your budget.

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     5. The Experience

Medical Traveling is not just a necessity. It is a lifestyle. A kind of lifestyle that will keep both your physical, mental and emotional well-being healthy and fit. With medical traveling, you are not just going to see a doctor, you are traveling, feeding that inner wanderlust every single one of us has. You get to see new places, meet new people, and have a one of a kind experience you get to take home with you.

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Are you interested in having your Medical Travel in the Philippines? Contact Us for a Free Quote.

[4] Cost comparison between US and Philippines (

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